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*NEW* 9X12 Patagonia Light Blue Wool and Silk.

SKU 912W1086C

Patagonia in 9x12. 


This one is inspired by the deserts of Patagonia with nada water resources. The view of this design leaves a calming and soothing effect enshrining the the stillness of the desert river. 

Hand-spun wool and natural silk from our higher end collections are used to give this higher end feel with slightly less dense weave knotting.  T

This is great purchase for the value conscious buyer whose looking for luxury, with sophisticated greys and blue to build your room up. 

This hand-knotted piece will last you for generations to come. 

Colour: Light Blue/Grey/Ivory + 

Materials:  Hand-spun, hand-carded Australian Wool and Hand-spun natural Silk Embossing. 

Dimensions: 9'0"x11'10" feet. 

Decor Tip: Perfect for a Living Room Setting with light floors. This creates contrast in the room. The rug is the foundation of the room - from this you can pick accent colours that stem from it. 

Construction: Hand-knotted (Persian weave) rug made of  hand-spun, high-twist pure wool with hand-spun pure silk accents. Made in Rajasthan, India by the finest weavers and certified.  GoodWeave certified. 

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