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4X6 Zootopia Tan Burnt Orange Ivory Wool and Silk *New*

SKU 46W883C

4x6 Zootopia is most unique design in the showroom currently. 

Inspired by Jackson Pollock artwork, this burst of colour will bring instant warmth to your front entrance or the foyer part of your home.  Tan, burnt orange, greys, hints of blue make up the field wool colour.

It's further highlight by splashes of Ivory coloured silk. 

Colour:  Tan, Burnt Orange, Black, Grey, Ivory, Blue. Multi + 

Materials:  Handspun, hand-carded Australian Wool and Handspun Ivory coloured Silk Embossing. 

Dimensions: 4'0"x6'01"

Also available as a 12 foot runner:

Decor Tip: Perfect for a Living Room Setting with dark floors. This creates contrast in the room. The rug is the foundation of the room - from this you can pick accent colours that stem from it. 

Construction: Hand-knotted (Persian weave) rug made of  hand-spun, high-twist pure wool with hand-spun pure silk accents. Made in Rajasthan, India.