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Golden Rods 8x10 Wool and Silk

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SKU 810W1203C

Golden Rods in 8x10.

Special Note: Nominated for best Contemporary design at the Carpet Awards 2021.

This is the signature piece from our new Spatial Collection. 

Spatial collection is made keeping simple line architecture in mind. It’s mostly very easy, abstract and linear. Made with hand-carded wool yarn and natural, hand-spun silk. 

This new Contemporary collection has less fine weaving, but competes with our other high-end collections in looks and texture.

This subtle statement piece is sure to enhance the aesthetics of your modern living room. 

For 6x9 feet size (click here)

Colour: Gold, Leather Grey, Charcoal Black and a hint of blue. 

Dimensions: 9'11" x 8'01"

Material:  Hand-carded hand-spun merino Australian Wool and hand-spun natural Silk embossed (raised above the wool). On a cotton base. 

Construction: Hand-knotted carpet. Persian Weave. Made in Rajasthan, India by the finest weavers and artisans.  

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