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9x12 illuminate Black Wool and Embossed Silk

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SKU 912W1068C

One of our favourite designs. Classy and elegant yet very modern. 

The perfect finishing piece to your home. 

Illuminate design is inspired by the cosmos, the stars and the infinity of space. 

Fine knot count and handspun, high-twist yarn help recreate some of the magic.

Embossed Silk accents look even more beautiful in quality hand knotted rugs as they reflect even more when you view from the lighter side.

Please take advantage of 48 hour test-drive service to see yourself - in Calgary.  Call us at 403.229.0156 to book an appointment

This design is currently available in 4x6, and 10x14 feet. Custom order (8x10 or larger odd sizes) is also an option for you. 

For 10x14 size click here:

For 4x6 size click here:

Size: 8.11x 12.01 ft.

Material: Handspun Merino, Australian Wool and Pure Embossed Silk.

Construction: Hand-knotted carpet made of handspun high twist pure wool with handspun pure silk accents. Persian Weave.  

Email us for higher resolution photos -

Note : Slight colour variation in image and actual carpet is to be expected.