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8x10 Texture (Oxidised) Green Wool & Embossed Silk

SKU 810W1138C

8x10 Green and Beige Oxidized wool Statement rug.

Made of approximately fifty percent silk and fifty percent burned down wool. Statement rugs can be bold colours, big patterns, or both.

They automatically define a space.

Our oxidized rugs are a brand new innovation in the rug world. This particular one emphasizes soft silk embossed over the wool.

Silk motifs inspired from Italian wall coverings and baroque fabrics have been overlaid  abstract patterns. This creates a stunning depth of design, make these rugs truly very unique and very urbane. 


Silk accents look even more beautiful in quality hand knotted rugs as they reflect even more when you view from the lighter side.

These rugs will compliment almost any room and endure beautifully for generations to come.

Materials: Handspun Wool (oxidized) And Silk Embossed. 

Dimensions: 9'10" x 7'10  feet. 

Construction: Hand-knotted carpet made of handspun hightwist pure wool with handspun pure silk accents. Made in Rajasthan, India by the finest weavers and artisans. 

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