6x9 Disparate Grey Wool and Silk

By Indo Designer Rugs

Product #: 69W0975C

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Sale Picture of 6x9 Disparate Grey Wool and Silk
  • 6x9 Disparate Grey Wool and Silk
  • 6x9 Disparate Grey Wool and Silk

This Disparate design in Wool and Silk.

She consists of abstract, free flowing designs and derives its many colors and hues from the essence of life and its various elements.

This collection is inspired by architecture, paintings and even nature.

The use of signature hand-spun high-twist wool and silk adds to the design appeal of these carpets!  

Silk accents look even more beautiful in quality hand knotted rugs as they reflect even more when you view from the lighter side.  

Size: 9.02 x 6.01 Feet. 

Material: Wool and Silk is same even height. 50/50 combination of materials. 

Construction: Hand-knotted carpet made of handspun hightwist pure wool with handspun pure silk accents.

Note: Available in 8x10 and 9x12 and 4x6.  Email us for higher resolution shot - hello@indodesignerrugs.com