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Showroom is newly renovated. Book an Appointment by clicking here.
Showroom is newly renovated. Book an Appointment by clicking here.
New Contemporary Arrivals at our Showroom

New Contemporary Arrivals at our Showroom

Good morning folks :) 

We've received new 8x10 and 9x12 feet designs to our award-winning Contemporary collection. 

Our new arrivals have something for everyone's particular tastes.

1. There's a new Black and White collection we've added called Enigma.

These designs have got caught the discerning eye of some of Interior designer friends as they break up the busyness of you decor. If you want a simpler palette then have a glance at our new Enigma collection.  

Enigma 8x10 Feet

2. Modern-art inspired designs continue being extremely popular for designer homes. 

The idea behind Studio is more open design, that are both dramatic and calming.  

Made with (hand carded or over-twisted) wool and Natural, hand-spun silk accents, this collection is the latest addition to our award-winning hand knotted rug collections. 

A. ) One of our current favourites is Kimono in 8x10 feet (as seen below) with it's beautiful centre paint stroke-like motif. 

B. Another modern-art inspired is MoMA in 8x10. 

Bold blocks of vibrant colours in circular shapes creates visual tension.

With its unique blend of intricacy and unabashedness the MoMa truly stands out in any interior space. 


C. Another sleek yet relaxing and subtle design is Tranquil in 8x10 and available in 5x7 feet. 

Tranquil has intricate details poured into into this piece. Needs to be seen in real-life. The colour is ice blue, tan and charcoal and is so soft to touch!

Photos don't do justice. 

Tranquil is from our beautiful, higher end Twilight contemporary collection. The design is made using the finest hand-carded, hand-spun wool with hand-spun silk accents.

That's all for now. Adios ciao. Many new designs coming in October that I will update you on via email as well. 

Also, follow us on instagram for immediate updates: -

Please email me about your hand-knotted rug and/or rug-focused interior design questions. Love to help : ) 

- Nish. 

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