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Showroom is newly renovated. Book an Appointment by clicking here.

Are area rugs an investment?

You see antique rugs in royal palaces and famed museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England and the Los Angeles County Museum. One of the most famous rugs, the Ardabil dating back to 1540 from Iran, sits in the new Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art in the V&A museum.

Yet the question to ask yourself is, are you buying this carpet as a collector piece or something to enjoy now?

While carefully chosen collector's rugs can increase in value, just like any art or antique, I suggest not buying rugs as an investment in monetary terms. Hand knotted carpets don't need to be museum pieces. Bringing them into your home echoes their original use: as floor coverings and wall hangings that create warmth and interest.

A rug is a piece you enjoy on the floor as a decoration, that you can pass along to your second and third generation.  And while traditional and antique carpets will never go out of style, carpets are being produced in contemporary designs from William Morris to abstract art.

So when choosing a rug it maybe better to find one that compliments the colours and patterns already in the room.  As the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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