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Buy Designer Hand-Knotted Traditional & Contemporary Rugs. Call us 403.229.0156.
Buy Designer Hand-Knotted Contemporary Rugs Call us at 403.229.0156 . Follow us on Instagram: @indodesignerrugs
Did you drop a glass of red wine on your area rug?

Did you drop a glass of red wine on your area rug?

Did you drop a glass of wine on your area rug?

Give us a call at 403.229.0156 to get your hand-knotted Persian, Indian, or Contemporary rugs cleaned by us.

We have 34 years of experience in professional rug cleaning.

Drop your rugs at rear of our showroom on 620 17th Ave SW in Calgary, AB.

There is a Pickup and Drop off service to get your beautiful rugs cleaned if they're too heavy for you. There is a small fee.

Call us for details: 403.229.0156

Estimated time for rug cleaning completion: 7-14 days upon arrival at our showroom. 

Depending on usage, the rugs should be cleaned periodically.

Over time, grit and dust are embedded so deeply that professional cleaning is essential, especially in Calgary with our fine dust. 

We recommend cleaning your rugs after 3-5 years approximately depending on the traffic it gets. 

If your rug is placed in a high-traffic area, such as an entry hall, you may want to clean it as often as every 2nd year.

Over-cleaning is not recommended as they remove the natural lanolin oils from the wools which provide resistance to soiling.

High quality wool has these oils which make your rug naturally stain protective. 

It is important to know that damage can occur with improper cleaning.

That is where our expertise comes in. We care for your rug like it is our own.

Call us at 403.229.0156 for cleaning quote on:

 All wool, Wool on cotton, Wool + Silk, Wool + Bamboo Silk, All Silk, and wool Dhurries/Kilm rugs.

We also clean Viscose/Reyon and hand-tufted rugs. 

We clean both hand-knotted Contemporary and Traditional rugs.

For more rug cleaning information please email us at

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