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The Ardabil

One of the oldest carpet designs is the Ardabil. The orginal Ardabil carpet was completed during the rule of the Safavids, which began in 1502. This period, lasting 175 years, was the golden age of Persian art and carpet weaving was perhaps the greatest of these arts.

The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity and richness in colours. The design is simple, a central medallion surrounded by variety of filler patterns with subtle differences. There is also two lamps hanging from the medallion.  In our opinion it's jewelry to the eyes.

Two of the most famous Ardabil carpets, signed "Maksud of Kashan" are dated 1539-1540. One was given as a gift by J.Paul Getty to the Los Angeles County Museum. The other was brought to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London by William Morris. The Ardabil carpet measures 10.51m x 5.34m (34' 6" x 17' 6" feet). This carpet is enormous and probably another reason why it's in a museum.

The famous design can also be  seen in 10 Downing Street.  The original Ardabil, however, is one of the great treasures of the V&A museum.  It doubtful whether it has ever been surpassed in quality since it was made in 1539.

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