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Rose Wood Coffee Table for your Home?

In addition to hundred of rugs at our showroom, we carry a few classic furniture pieces.

The staff personal favourites are these -  Old door Glass Top coffee tables.  

Here are some pics to get a better idea:


These are hand made custom built coffee tables. Our tables are built in the dry, desert areas of North India from architectural fragments that come from old buildings.

Shutters from windows or in this particular case old doors are encased in new frames of Shee-sham wood, which is a part of the Rose Wood family.

The glass top gives it a modern touch, fit for any home or  well dressed apartment in 2014.


If you're looking for a conversation piece for your living room AND something that is going to be long-lasting for a number of years, then please have a visit at our showroom - 620 17th Ave SW.

Till next time,



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