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9X12 Colours of Life Light Version.

SKU 912W01030C

Light Version of the Colours of Life design in 9x12. 

Colours of Life collection is all about abstract, free flowing designs in many colours. Inspiration is drawn from architecture, paintings and nature. Made with handspun, high-twist Ghazni wool.

The highlights are done with silk. 


The process to create the contemporary collection is equally as important as the craftsmanship. The hand-spun wool is dyed in small quantities by a process known as tie-dyeing. This creates asymmetrical colors that are unique to this type of rug. The final step entails washing the rug several times with herbs to accent the sheen and luster

Silk accents look even more beautiful in quality hand knotted rugs as they reflect even more when you view from the lighter side.

Size: 8.09x11.09 Feet. 

Colour: Blue, Brown and Light Cream yellow and Touch of Black. 

Material: Ghazni + Argentina Highland wool and natural Silk Accents.  Even pile height. 

Construction: Hand-knotted carpet made of handspun hightwist pure wool with handspun pure silk accents. Persian Weve. Made in Rajasthan, India by the finest weavers and artsians. 

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