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8x10 Tiger Beige/Gold/Black Wool and Silk Touch

SKU 810IN0889S

Tiger in Beige/Gold/Black in 8x10. 

The Tiger motif is in stunning Gold/Black combination. The Gold silk border with a field colour in Beige adds that final touch class. 

It features a Hope symbol in the centre motif. Also stands for strengh and resilience.

Indo-Nepalese weaves rugs are very beautiful with a handcrafted feel, but they are also very durable. 

These rugs will age beautifully with time, enhancing their silky sheen for many lifetimes to come.

Decor Tip: Use all-glass coffee table if you must over the centre medalion. This particular design creates a beautiful contrast with your dark-wood floors. 

Size Tip: 8x10 feet size allows your furniture legs to be one foot on the rug. This creates a cozier setting. 

Colour:  Beige/Gold/Black

Production method: Hand-Knotted. Indo Nepal Weave. 

Material:  New Zealand wool and Silk. 

Dimensions: 8.0 x 9.10 feet. 

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