8x10 Kazak Beige

By Indo Designer Rugs

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Picture of 8x10 Kazak Beige

They are also referred to as Khargai rugs. Khargai refers to the new looms made out of steel. Better looms allow weavers to weave better rugs.  
These carpets are made from Ghazni wool. Ghazni wool comes from the Ghazni mountain range, located west of Kabul. It is handspun, very fine, and offers unparalleled quality.  These rugs will bring a warmth and richness to nearly any interior décor, while enduring for many generations to come.

Materials: Ghazni Wool

Dimensions: 7.11x10.09

Construction: Hand Knotted

Note: Slight colour variation in image and actual carpet is to be expected. Photo's to be updated shortly.