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8x10 Grey Silver POKHARA WOOL & SILK

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Pokhara is inspired by traditional border patterns found in traditional Persian-design rugs.

The motif is zoomed in, using only two tones to create a more contemporary look.

This is a Nepalese weave rugs. They're beautiful with a handcrafted feel.  They are also very durable because they're using handspun New Zealand wool mixed with bamboo silk. 

Indo Nepal Weave are defined how by how many lines they have vs. Persian knotting is by the number of knots per sq foot.

These rugs will age beautifully with time, enhancing their silky/wool sheen for many lifetimes to come.

Silk accents look even more beautiful in quality hand knotted rugs as they reflect even more when you view from the lighter side.

This one-of-a-kind beauty will make a statement in your home for years to come. A welcome treat for your feet after a hard day's night. 

Dimensions: 8.02 x 9.10 feet.

Material: Wool and Embossed Silk. Grey and Silver (Bamboo Silk).  

Construction: Hand-knotted carpet made of handspun hightwist pure wool with handspun pure silk accents.

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Please take advantage of 48 hour test-drive service to see yourself - in Calgary.  Call us at 403.229.0156 to book an appointment.