8x10 Chobi Black/Beige

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Our Afghani rugs are made of Ghazni wool and although they have been around for centuries, it’s only been within the past 25 years that these rugs have become popular due to their gentle tones and softer patterns
The weavers introduced a new technique using chrome dyes on hand-spun Ghazni wool. These rugs typically have a golden hue with a rustic or weathered feel to them. The patterns are understated and mix well with both contemporary and traditional furnishings. 

The designs are usually based on antique patterns from old Persian carpets. The best Chobi rugs are made in Peshawar and are made from Ghazni wool – it is this fine wool that sets them apart. Ghazni wool comes from the Ghazni mountain range, located west of Kabul. It is handspun, very fine, and offers unparalleled quality.

Dimensions: 7.11 x 9.09
Production method: Handknotted
Material: Wool

Note: Slight colour variation in image and actual carpet is to be expected. Photo's to be updated shortly.