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3x5 Elegance Ivory/Rust Ghazni Wool

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One of our more subtle designs from the Elegance collection. 

The handspun, high-twist wool, detailed persian and turkish patterns and the subdued color combine to give this collection a highly textured, hand-crafted organic appearance.

The hand-spun wool is dyed in small quantities by a process known as tie-dyeing. This creates asymmetrical colors that are unique to this type of rug, along with aging the appearance of it.

The final step entails washing the rug several times with herbs to accent the sheen, luster and the antique look of the sixteenth century. These rugs will compliment almost any room and endure beautifully for generations to come.

These carpets are made from Ghazni wool. Ghazni wool comes from the Ghazni mountain range, located west of Kabul.

It is hand spun, very fine, and offers unparalleled quality.  These rugs will bring a warmth and richness to nearly any interior decor, while enduring for many generations to come (50-60 plus years). 

Please take advantage of 48 hour test-drive service to see yourself - in Calgary.  Call us at 403.229.0156 to book an appointment.

Colour: Ivory and Rust

Production method: hand-knotted

Material: Ghazni wool

Size: 3'0" x 4'7"

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Note: Slight colour variation in image and actual carpet is to be expect