Happy Clients

Here's what some of our clients are saying:

Heather Draper, Principle Designer at Bespoke Design

“I love working with Rana, Mike and everyone at Indo Designer Rugs.  I have found them to be incredibly knowledgeable, eager and pleased to guide me through the excellent selection and VERY helpful when delivering to my clients home”

Norma Robertson

“It adds “pizazz” to our bathroom. The main colour compliments the bathroom, while the other secondary colours match the wall colour outside the bathroom. I would recommend they visit your store. It was a pleasure to deal with you. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and knowledge of your product immensely.”

Al Paterson

“Our new area rug is a huge improvement in colour and quality. I would certainly recommend your store for your quality and selection.”

Kathy Smith

“We painted the walls and it brought the colour even more on the rugs, and looks great on the hardwood floors.”

Larry and Phyllis Collins

“Our area rug pulled all of the colours together and provided a flow to the other rooms and added to the “wow factor’ we were striving for. Their satisfaction comes from knowing their client are satisfied with the carpet they have chosen and are willing to go the extra mile to see it that their clients are happy with their purchase.”

Henk Zwiers

“With the rug positioned in the front entrance of our home, it makes it feel cozier.If you were planning on buying a real woolen rug, be sure it is genuine.”

Carol Twasiuk

 “Our first rug was 15 years old and still very nice, but I needed a change. I like the new fresh look it gives. The staff was very polite and friendly and even carried the rug to the car.”

Oney Martin

“The rug has added a “touch of class” and made the bedroom beautiful.The service was a delight from start to finish. Go for it!” 

Bruno Levi 

“It is the centerpiece of my living room, it is exactly what I was looking for. It brightens up the whole place. Your service was excellent, thank you for spending the time in helping me choose this rug."

Holly Dobek 

"It's a great way to add a litle sizzle to an old room!" 

Jan Grad 

" This is the first time I have purchased "all wool", I will wait to see how they wear. Although they are lovely."

Leena Gunning 

“ We are pleased with the low maintenance and lovely colours of these rugs."

Rae Mullaly 

"I've always found lots of selection in size, colour and quality." 

Brian and Pat 

 "It brightened up the room by complimenting the earth tone colours that run throughout our home. It also added a tone of warmth & richness."

Brian Heald 

" We have been very happy with the aesthetic fit and performance of these rugs in our home. Indo Designer Rugs is very flexible in terms of in-home trials in order to finalize our decision."

Mike Brooks

"Visit Indo. Look at the selection and quality of the rugs." 



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“We are pleased with the low maintenance and lovely colours of these rugs.”