BlueGrip Under Pad for hardwood/tile

By Indo Designer Rugs

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Picture of BlueGrip Under Pad for hardwood/tile
  • BlueGrip Under Pad for hardwood/tile
  • BlueGrip Under Pad for hardwood/tile

This is under pad made for rug-to-hardwood and tile flooring.

BLUEGRIP is made from exclusive specially curved vinyl reinforced with three-ply woven polyester.  The result is a completely reversible, non-directional product which has powerful grip on both sides in any direction.  

- Prevents your rugs from slipping and sliding.

- Holds your rugs flat.

- Makes vacuuming easier.

- Prevents moisture and mildew. 

The open construction means easier vacuuming with more dirt removed from the pile of your rug. This also evaporates moisture readily, thus preventing mildew problems. 

This under pad leaves no rug-edge shoulder which can catch heels as well as cause premature wear. 

20 Year Guarantee that it will retain it's non-slip properties. If any dirt builds up on the BLUEGRIP, it can be removed by sponging with warm water and a household detergent.