Up close and personal with Texture design

Posted on Jul 30, 2020.

Up close and personal with our Texture design rug handspun Wool and pure Silk.
Blended together, this close up shows the silk shining when light reflects on it.
Available in 6x9 and 8x10 and larger (requires custom ordering).
The brown base with splashes of black bring some grounding to your living space.
You can find it on our website:
  1. 6x9 Feet https://www.indodesignerrugs.com/collections/contemporary-rugs/products/new-6x9-texture-brown-and-black-wool-and-silk 2. 
  2.  8x10 Feet: https://www.indodesignerrugs.com/collections/contemporary-rugs/products/new-8x10-texture-brown-and-black-wool-and-silk

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