Interior Inspiration: Colourful 10x14 in this high-rise Calgary living space

Posted on Jan 13, 2021.

Hello friends, look at this splash colour! 

This is beautiful interior design by Krista Hermanson Design of Calgary.   We’re so happy our 10x14 feet Texture design (pure handspun wool, and pure silk accents) help bring life to this high-rise living space for her client. 

We know you want to show off your brand-new hardwood floors, however, a little extra footage of rug is needed too. This Textures design in bold blues, yellows and oranges and blacks is real work of art.

These new contemporary designs become the focal point of your home and b.)  that compliments your decor - the furniture, the drapes and surrounding artwork.

Of course we think you will most love seeing a nice, beautiful, centerpiece rug become the centrepiece art piece of your room.

You can have your cake and eat it too. 



Happy 2021 friends!

Stay cozy,


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