Cleaning 101: Choose companies focused on area rugs.

Posted on Nov 05, 2019.

Below is our latest batch of rugs lying in the sun ☀️ for a few hours.

They're air-drying in the BC sun after a hand wash and stretch.

We recommend that cleaning be done by companies focused on area rugs.

Thankfully for you we've been cleaning our own rugs and other hand knotted works of art for over 20 years. 

Why professional cleaners focused on rugs? Because we check the dyes of the carpet, make sure no colour bleeding occurs. Sometimes certain cleaning fluids react differently to the dyes and we test it out before going forward.

We care for your rug like it’s our own.

Give us a call - 403.229.0156. or email ( for a quote.

We offer pick up and delivery for your convenience. 

air drying in the BC sun


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