What are the best rugs for high-traffic areas?

Posted on Sep 21, 2011.

wool is an all-natural fiber that is completely renewable and recyclable.

For high traffic areas the best rugs are those made of tight wool pool. They last longer, are easy to clean and don't give off static.

So why else is wool considered such a superior material for area rugs? There are seven core reasons:

  • Wool resists wrinkles. It is resilient and springs back into shape quickly. Awesome if you have heavy furniture.
  •  Dirt and Stains have a hard time penetrating it.
  • Wool is durable. Because of the complex fiber, it resists wear better than almost any other natural or most man-made materials.
  • Wool repels moisture. It actually sheds water.
  • Wool retains its shape. The same properties that help wool resist wrinkles also help it keep its shape and size.
  • Wool resists flames. It is surprisingly fire-retardant and does not support sustained combustion.
  • Wool insulates. Just like wool clothing is comfortable in all seasons because of the layer of air it keeps next to the skin, wool rugs insulate the floor from any major temperature changes.


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