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Good design is about editing

living room area rug

Good design is about editing. You can live very well in one room.

Something else to think about:

Knap of the rug may play a role. When you enter a room you usually first notice the rug.  How it looks depends on the natural sunlight of the room. So if you enter the room, the darker side of the carpet should be facing the light. Why? Light will consume the colours, taking away the darker parts of the rug. So it neutralizes. If the opposite occurs, the rug will look washed out, too light in the room.

This of course depends on your preferences.  Some silk piles also tend to move a lot, where as wool does not as much.

This is why we recommend taking a rug for trial and seeing how it looks in your place. Only then can you judge if the carpet is right for you.

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