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Buy Designer Hand-Knotted Contemporary Rugs Call us at 403.229.0156 . Follow us on Instagram: @indodesignerrugs

Choose Sustainability

We buy without regard. When was the last time you assessed the likely lifespan of an item?

There are two ideas to consider when making the choice to embrace sustainability: how long the object will continue to sustain you and how the object was made.

When you invest in a handmade rug  you purchase a carpet that will last for generations, rather than be replaced within a few years.

Wool is shorn from ethically treated sheep; mild soap is used in washing; chemicals are avoided, dyes are eco-friendly and bulk shipping minimizes transportation resources. Our rugs are produced by master weavers, through a process that inherently eliminates the toxic by-product created through machine made manufacturing.

Every step of the process, Indo Designer Rugs aims to minimize our impact on the environment that sustains us.

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