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The Case for Neutral Rugs


Why Neutral coloured rugs? 

Well because sometimes it's a lot easier to put together a room than a rug that has bunch of vibrant colours. 

It also makes the space more open and more calm feeling.

Natural coloured, casual rugs should have a little texture and be comfy.  Something that you also can sit on.


Many jute-made rugs out have the look, but aren't as soft as wool-made area rugs. Not to mention a pain to clean.


That's why we recommend lanolin rich wool rugs, which have a natural stain-repellant.

They are are more labour intensive, but will last longer.

The hand-knotted pile is yarn-dyed using high quality dyes that gives a richness in colour.



Above is a 6x9 wool/silk that is the perfect combination of durability and luxury. 

Again it's all personal preference. What do you prefer? 

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